Too Perfect Poster


The bell has just rung! School is over. It's a beautiful day. It's the last day of school. It's the first day of summer vacation! Five boys are at the end of an era. It's all "too perfect". Unbeknownst to all of them, this will be the last day of their innocence. When did you lose your innocence? Elijah Stevens, a charming, good-looking 14-year-old boy, is just about to lose his. He has no idea that his parents are about to tell him that they are getting a divorce. His four best buddies are just about to learn of their life-changing issues as well. But first, they will all go "Downtown" for one last wonderful day of fun and innocence. By the end of the day, all of their lives will have changed. "too perfect" explores the power and depth of the moment before a big change happens…the kind of change that forever marks your heart and soul, that can gently nudge you straight into adulthood and the spiritual journey that a young boy goes on as he becomes a grown-up. Today is a day that is just "too perfect" to be true.

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